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IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator ‘22

There is no better era than this to put an in-depth focus over cyber-security. We are living in a world that deals with a tremendous amount of data every single second. This data incubates a lot of sensitive information and it is prone to attacks.


It is speculated that the financial services alone will lose 700B$ in the next 5 years due to cyber attacks. 


This data can be “Data at Rest”, “Data in flight” or “Data in use”. 

when data is at rest, It could be data residing over DBs on the servers side.

when data is in flight, it means data is being transferred over the Network.

when data is in use, it means the data is residing over the memory and being actively used by a computer program.

Cyber attacks can occur at any of these stages.


IBM's solution for “Confidential Computing” is brilliant in how it helps businesses to have a clear mind about data and computation security. IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Services offers the ultimate protection from bad actors when your data is in use! It covers your resources against so many cyber-attacks including : Image tampering, Pick Pocket, Remote attack, Insider attack & Privilege escalation.


This level of protection is only available with IBM Hyper Protect ! 

It is the Industry-leading security for Cloud data, digital assets and workloads


IBM Hyper Protect Services includes :

  • Hyper Protect Crypto Services : Keep your own keys for cloud data encryption protected by a dedicated cloud HSM
  • Hyper Protect DBaaS : Complete data confidentiality for your sensitive data  
  • Hyper Protect Virtual Servers : Complete authority over your LinuxONE Virtual Servers for workloads with sensitive data or business IP
  • IKS with Hyper Protect : Build and deploy micro services within a hyper secure environment


IBM zSystems in IBM Public Cloud is one of the key cores behind the confidentiality story. It is One System that does it all!

This is IBM’s technology stack that is constructed to combine virtual cloud flexibility of IBM Cloud with the enterprise strength of IBM zSystems.


We at LyRise care for our clients' security and confidentiality. It is one of our most important core values that we stand for. That is why LyRise is hyper keen on utilizing the IBM Confidentiality computing resources and protocols to offer our clients the maximum relief while developing and deploying AI systems based on their sensitive data.

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