Hosting NeurIPS Egypt Meetup 2021

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On Wednesday December 22, 2022, NeurIPSxLyRise took place and was different this year. It happened on Clubhouse.

The main cause behind it was to be as friendly as possible, for attendees to be free to question all what came to their minds, and for all speakers to share their great experience and advice for data scientists career wise and even personally.

Here are some of the fruitful topics quoted by the speakers:

"Egypt is supporting the use of AI as it contributes to a lot of problems in education, healthcare, agriculture, and transportation." Samhaa Al-Beltagy, Dean of the School of Information Technology at New Giza University, stated that in the future, AI will be an essential factor in solving many challenges in Egypt.

“Scientists highly recommend Deep Learning models because it has achieved good performance on different tasks and at the same time give us some insights on what's happening in the brain." Badr Al-Khamissi, AI Resident at Meta, is conveying his knowledge in the field by sharing some insights about reinforcement learning with the audience during NeurIPS Egypt Meetup 2021.

“There’s no single recipe that works for everyone. Everyone has a different story, different path, so do what you're passionate about and be the best in what you do." Ahmad Abdulkader, Research and Development Scientist at Meta, enlightened us with his takeaway on career development and how to start building a career in AI.

"I think what AI Enthusiasts need is to direct them towards up-skilling their profiles, defining their objectives, and achieving smart goals that will make them proud," Ahmed Roshdy, Analytics and Data Science Lead at Vodafone, is shedding light on the employer's responsibility to educate youth about how to build their career and to define achievable goals. 

If you are a passionate data scientist or curious to learn more about the field and how to evolve with clear guidance and steps from experienced experts then such meetups are definitely your thing.

Wait for this year, something big is being planned. Check your emails frequently and wait for all the announcements of such webinars and great minds meetups.

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